We are taking college rivalries to the next level! By connecting the series to high profile collegiate rivalries, the Unified Sports Rivalry Series is the marquee event series used as the catalyst to expanding Unified Sports and the Special Olympics movement on college campuses around the country.

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What is a Unified Sports Rivalry Game?

The Unified Sports Rivalry Series represent the best known rivalries at their finest. A Unified Sports Rivalry game is a Special Olympics Unified Sports game where each team represents one college rival team (i.e Alabama vs. Auburn). The teams are comprised of students from the perspective universities and local Special Olympics athletes. These games are typically held on the day of or around the time of the larger game between the two schools. This Series offers Special Olympic athletes a chance to be a part of hype of the varsity game and we challenge these unified teams to defend their schools’ titles!

In addition to bragging rights, each Unified team will be competing to see who can raise the most money for their team. The team that raises the most money by game day will start the Rivalry Game with an advantage!! Use the links above and below to ensure your team starts the game off on the right foot.

Why the Unified Sports Rivalry Series?

Special Olympics wants to create the next generation of individuals who through their connections, technology, concern and action will shape the world to one of respect and acceptance.  To make sure all young adults have access to sporting opportunities, Special Olympics is taking an active interest in expanding our collegiate programming.

The Unified Sports Rivalry Series was created to connect Unified Sports and our athletes to a high profile collegiate rivalry sports games.  There is endless amounts of excitement and competition between University rivalries and we are looking to tap into this excitement to launch Unified Sports into the national spotlight and raise money for the Special Olympics movement.

By hosting a year-round event series in the college space, we will drive growth while creating an experience that makes participants and donors want to stay for the long haul!

Upcoming Rivalry Football Games

August 2017
University of Colorado, Boulder vs. Colorado State University (August 28th at 6:45 pm)
McNeese State University vs. Nicholls State University (August 31st  at 3:45 pm)

October 2017
University of Alabama vs. University of Mississippi  (October 1st at 3:00 pm)
University of Michigan vs. Michigan State University (October 6th at 7:00 pm)
Central Michigan University vs. Western Michigan University (October 28th)

November 2017
University of Missouri vs. University of Arkansas (November 12th )
University of Alabama vs. Auburn University (November 19th )
University of Southern California vs. University of California, Los Angeles (November 19th)
University of Florida vs. Florida State University (November 19th)
North Carolina State University vs. University of North Carolina (November 19th at 10:00 am)
Ole Miss vs. University of Mississippi (November 28th)

Dates TBD

Indiana University vs. Purdue University