After my son Christian's traumatic brain injury at age 5, we could not have expected his unbelievable success as a Special Olympics soccer player. After his injury, we worked as a team during the recovery process. We did rehab and scouted different sports and at last chose football (soccer). Today my son is 22 years old. He is a captain on his Special Olympics Unified Football team. The brain damage he suffered has never been an obstacle to achieving his goals. He is an active member of the SER de Puerto Rico, Luis Salazar Foundation and an outstanding special education student. Among other initiatives, he was spokesperson and young symbol for Puerto Rico’s United Way’s public service campaign. He holds the Eagle Scout rank since 2010, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts. He expects to graduate and study visual arts and photography in college. Also, he wishes not only to be part of his university’s soccer team, and be outstanding player in the Special Olympic Puerto Rico, but to help kids with disabilities play for the love of football.